Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts in Music degree program at Truman State University brings together students with demonstrated ability in one or more of several areas of academic endeavor: musical performance, research, and composition. Working with qualified graduate faculty, these students enjoy a low ratio of faculty-to-students, and thus are ensured much individual attention.

The Master of Arts in Music degree program at Truman exists within the framework of the School of Arts & Letters for the following purposes:
-To offer instruction designed to prepare students for doctoral studies at primary universities.
-To offer an advanced program of studies for students aspiring to professional careers in music.
-To offer instruction designed to promote musical performance that is mature, correct, and inspired.
-To offer courses to deepen the understanding of research and scholarship in music.

All Master of Arts in Music degree emphasis groups culminate in either a graduate recital (performance), a graduate recital (conducting), a research thesis, or a composition. Students audition for the recital emphasis option (conducting) and the recital option (performance), interview for the research emphasis option, and submit a portfolio of compositions for the composition emphasis option. The number of students accepted for the graduate recital (conducting) option is limited to those who can be placed with an ensemble and is monitored by the music graduate committee.

The university offers a number of Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantship (GTRA) positions for qualified applicants. The assistantship includes a cash stipend and a fee waiver of up to nine credit hours per academic semester. All books, supplies, and special course fees are the responsibility of the student. The GTRA is contracted to work on a one-fourth time (quarter-time) basis. Some assistantships are renewable for a second year.

Truman State University is a fully-accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

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